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News Update for Fri., Jan. 16, 2015

Sherman man dead after snowmobiling accident...

A Sherman man has died in a snowmobiling accident near a state trail in the town of Sherman.  Sheriff's officers say they were alerted about 11 this morning that 31 year-old Kyle Chimera of Marks Road had gone out on his sled during the late Thursday night.  However... relatives said he never returned home... and, a search began this morning.  Officers, along with members of the Snowmobile patrol... and, the Sheriff's Department K-9 unit... found the snowmobile had gone west on State Corridor Trail-#4... but, left the trail.  Deputies say the sled struck a bush near a creek... and, became stuck.  Investigation showed that when Chimera tried to get off his snowmobile... he fell into the creek, and drowned.  He was pronounced dead at the scene due to an accidental drowning.

Two city residents arrested for allegedly trafficking, "large amount" of marijuana in Jamestown-area...

Two people have been arrested for allegedly trafficking large amounts of marijuana in Jamestown following a morning raid on their apartment today.  City Police Chief Harry Snellings says members of the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force, and the JPD SWAT Team... raided an upstairs apartment at 128 Fairview Ave. just after 7 a.m.  Snellings says they seized about 2-and-a-half pounds of pot... and, cash inside.  Snellings says the main suspect... 30 year-old Mark Goldsmith... was allegedly seen throwing evidence out a window just prior to the raid.  He says complaints from neighbors led to the investigation.  Snellings says the cash amounted to about $4,300 with several hundreds, fifties... and, smaller denominations.  He says Goldsmith and the other suspect... 29 year-old Peggy Sue Reese... face several charges... including Felony second-degree criminal possession of marijuana... and, criminal possession of a weapon.  Both are being held pending arraignment.  Snellings say the Jamestown Fire Department's ladder truck was called in to recover some of the pot that had been through out onto a third-floor ledge.  A third person... who doesn't live at the Fairview Ave. address was ticketed for not paying a fine.

Two arrested for allegedly dealing three different drugs in Olean...

A significant drug raid in Olean has left two men -- both from outside the area -- jailed on $50,000 bail each for allegedly dealing Heroin, "Crack" Cocaine... and, marijuana.  Agents with the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force say they executed a search warrant on a South Union Street address in the Cattaraugus County City.  Task Force members say they arrested 33 year-old Stevaun Punter of Ithaca... and, 27 year-old Cordera Rumph of the Bronx without incident.  Police say they found about 5-grams of "Crack..." 2-grams of Heroin... and, a quantity of marijuana.


WJTN News Headlines

Two city residents have been arrested for allegedly selling cocaine and marijuana from their upstairs apartment on Jamestown's southside.  City Police Lieutenant Paul Abbott says the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force, and JPD SWAT Team, concluded a several week-long investigation with a raid at 105 McKinley Avenue late Wednesday afternoon.  Abbott says officers arrested 25 year-old Matthew Williams... and, Lauren Carlson -- also 25 -- and, seized a quantity of cocaine... marijuana... and, suspected drug money.  Both Williams and Carlson are charged with Felony third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance... seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance... and, criminal possession of marijuana.  Both were arraigned... and, sent to the county jail without bail.


An investigation by Dunkirk Police into last Sunday night's robbery in the north county city has led to the arrest of a Dunkirk.  Police Chief David Ortolano says they were able to locate and pick up 30 year-old Cantrel Stewart for allegedly holding up the Walgreen's store on January 11th.  Ortolano says the release of surveillance photos by several media outlets were a big help. Stewart is currently being held in the city lock up awaiting arraignment on a charge of third-degree robbery in Dunkirk City Court. 


Chautauqua County's representative in the state Senate is calling on Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to allow his chamber to take action on the Women's Equality Agenda.  Olean Republican Cathy Young says the Senate has unanimously approved an historic package of laws that include provisions to ensure equal pay for equal work... and, protections against discrimination.  Young says passing the Women's Equality Agenda has been a Senate 'mission' for three years... and, calls their unanimous vote a "monumental step forward...." However... Young says a bill that "greatly expands abortion rights" is the hang-up in Albany.  She says many members of the Assembly -- including majority Democrats -- would like to take up the measures individually... and, said so during a bi-partisan press conference last year.  Young emphasizes that local Assemblymen Andy Goodell and Joe Giglio "fully support" the Senate’s Women's Equality Agenda... and, are prepared to vote 'yes' on the Senate bills if given a chance.


Senator Cathy Youth says the state legislative session got off to a "subdued" start with the passing of former Governor Mario Cuomo back on New Year's Day.  However... Young says they got off to a "quick" start by passing the Women's Equality Act.  She says they also successfully repealed part of the Wage Theft Prevention Act... which businesses viewed as an unnecessary mandate because it was a duplication of something they were already doing.  She called it "anti-common sense."  Young says she hopes the Senate's action will set the "tone" for the rest of the session that they want to grow jobs... and, make New York state more business 'competitive."


State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says the state's data security law is weak and he wants an overhaul requiring businesses to protect the personal information of consumers and employees.  Schneiderman says in the event of a data breach or unauthorized disclosure, companies and employers are merely required to notify affected individuals if ``private information'' is compromised.  That doesn't include email addresses and passwords, security questions, medical history and health insurance information.


An agreement has been worked out between the group's proposing competing pipeline plans to supply natural gas for NRG's Repower Dunkirk project.  The Dunkirk Gas Corporation has reached an agreement in principle with National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation that provides for NFG to construct and operate the 9.5-mile natural gas pipeline.  NRG Energy's David Gaier (Guyer) says the agreement should move the process along. Local State Senator Cathy Young, who has been pushing for the project that will convert the plant from a coal to natural gas-fired facility, says the development is "fantastic news."  Young says details still need to be worked out... but, the major stumbling blocks have been removed.  The two proposals were the focus of a PSC hearing that was held in Fredonia last October.  Young believes the public's support for the project has made a difference.  NRG wanted the pipeline to be available by next September... but, Gaier says that may be moved back.


An Erie, Pennsylvania family has expanded their restaurant business by opening a new pizza and wing eatery in downtown Jamestown.  Fresco's Pizza and Wings held it's grand opening yesterday at it's 2 East Second Street in the first floor of the Fenton building.  It's the location of the former Fenton Grill and Roberto's... which had been vacant for some time.  The Jamestown Renaissance Corporation, and city of Jamestown worked with building owner Brian Taylor to find a new occupant for the location.  Fresco's Owner, Sergey (Sir-JAY) Kodzayan (Koe-G-eye-in) says he's excited about this new opportunity. Taylor says when he found out Khodzayan was looking for a location outside of Erie... but, not far away... he showed him the location... and, says it took about six months to bring it all together.  Mayor Sam Teresi commended Taylor for the work he's done on that block of the city. Fresco's opens each day at 11 AM... and close at 10 PM Mondays through Thursdays... Midnight on Fridays and Saturdays... and, 9 PM Sundays.  Their phone number is 664-6464.


State lawmakers have proposed funding bulletproof glass for police cars in New York City.  Brooklyn Democratic Assemblyman Felix Ortiz says the legislation has bipartisan support.  Ortiz says it's an important safety measure and first step in improving conditions for police following last month's shooting death of two officers sitting in their patrol car.








WJTN News Headlines

It's one of the coldest days of the year... thanks to radiational cooling overnight.  The temperature had reached one-below zero here at our Media One Studios at 10:30 last night.  Many outlying parts of the Jamestown-area will get much colder than that today.  Forecaster Bill Hibbert with the National Weather Service says another cold air mass from Canada is the reason behind the sub-zero cold... and it moved over the region overnight.  While it could stay in the single digits along the lake shore... temperatures will plunge quickly as you go inland.  Hibbert says some readings could be as low as minus-10 in some rural areas of the county.  However... he says the bone-chilling cold won't last very long.


An on-going investigation into an alleged Methamphetime Lab on Jamestown's westside has led to the arrest of a husband and wife.  City Police Chief Harry Snellings says the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force, and State Police C-NET Team received some resident tips... and, developed information over the past couple of months... and, obtained a search warrant for the residence at 17 Catlin Avenue.  Snellings says it was a difficult investigation.
Snellings says police were conducting surveillance on the house just before the raid took place at 3:30 PM.  He says they were able to catch one of the suspects, 47 year-old Christopher Maini, during a traffic stop.  He adds Maini's wife... 45 year-old Tammy... was arrested later.  Snellings says they found the materials used to make "meth..." and, a "one-pot" lab in the garage.  He says they were charged with one count each of Felony unlawful manufacture of Methamphetime... and, one count of seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance.  Both are jailed pending arraignment.  Anyone with information on suspected illegal drug activity is asked to call police at their Tips-line at 483-TIPS... that's 483-8477.


A Mayville woman is jailed without bail for allegedly operating an illegal Methamphetime Lab at her Pratt Street apartment.  Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force members say they found 27 year-old Sara Lee Tolbert at a Highland Avenue home in Brocton late Monday afternoon.  Task Force agents say they obtained a warrant for Tolbert's arrest after seeing her discarding items... believed to be used in making "Meth..." from her residence.  Police raided her apartment back on December 30th... and, found the materials and chemicals used to make Meth.  Task Force agents say Tolbert was arrested without incident... and, arraigned in Chautauqua Town Court on one count of Felony third-degree unlawful manufacture of Methamphetime.  She was then sent to the county lock-up.


City lawmakers will vote later this month on a plan to borrow just over 3.9-million dollars for 10 different emergency equipment purchases... and, capital projects.  However... Council Finance Committee Chairman Tony Dolce says they also want to refinance about 900-thousand dollars in debt from when the city borrowed money to make required radio equipment upgrades for Fire, Police and other public employee radios. Mayor Sam Teresi says now is the time to do the borrowing, because interest rates remain at historically low-levels... and, word is they may be increasing sometime in the near future.  Dolce says they're looking at a 20-year bond... and, the 10 items discussed last week remain part of the package.  He adds the Parks Department was looking to possibly add a brush and grass cutter... but, officials decided to see what they could get for a trade-in.  Teresi says his administration began with a list of about 8.5-million dollars in projects and purchases... and, cut that back to 3-million.  Teresi says the purchases, and projects are necessary.


Jamestown fire investigators are still investigating the cause of a blaze that destroyed a vacant, two-story home slated for demolition early last Sunday morning.  Deputy Fire Chief Chet Harvey says firefighters were called to the scene at 76 Fairmount Avenue about 6 AM... and, found heavy fire and smoke coming from the building.  Harvey says the cause is "suspicious" because no services were hooked up to the home... which was currently owned by the Chautauqua County Land Bank Corporation.  The home was to be demolished Monday morning... since asbestos abatement had been completed.  An excavator was already parked in front of the building.  No injuries were reported.  


There were some anxious moments when a car caught on fire between two homes on Jamestown's westside Tuesday afternoon.  City Fire Battalion Chief Sam Salemme says fire crews were called to the scene between 24 and 28 Woodworth Avenue about 12 Noon... and, found the vehicle fully-engulfed in flames.  Salemme says firefighters used a hand-line on the vehicle... and, also poured water on the two exposed walls.  The car was destroyed... and, Salemme says the vinyl walls on the exposed sides of each house melted... the windows sustained heat damage... and, there was insulation damage.  Salemme says no one was hurt... the cause of the fire is under investigation.


Firefighters from three department battled a blaze that damaged a home on Liberty Street in Fredonia Monday afternoon.  Fredonia fire crews responded to the fire at 41 Liberty around 2:30 PM... and, received mutual aid from city of Dunkirk, and East Town of Dunkirk firefighters.  Fire officials say they were alerted of smoke coming from a laundry room... and, located the fire in the rear of the house.  Crews had the fire under control in about an hour and were at the scene for over three hours.  Firefighters were called back to scene around 10:15 PM Monday when the fire rekindled.  No word on what caused the fire.


Governor Andrew Cuomo has picked a business leader from Buffalo to lead the agency charged with improving the entire state's economy.  Goveronr Andrew Cuomo has announced the appointment of Howard Zemsky to be president and CEO of the Empire State Development Corporation.  If confirmed by the state Senate... Zemsky will succeed Kenneth Adams, who Cuomo has asked to lead the state Department of Taxation and Finance.


A man considered a "true giant of broadcasting" who operated the former WNYP-TV in Jamestown back in the 1960s... has died at his home in Montana.  Lowell "Bud" Paxson was the co-creator of Home Shopping Network who later amassed a trove of TV stations... and, then launched the family-friendly network Pax TV.  Paxson died last Friday at the age of 79.  National Association of Broadcasters President Gordon Smith says "broadcasters have lost a friend and a legend in the passing of Bud Paxson, who was a tenacious advocate for over-the-air radio and television.  The Rochester native began his career as an owner of WACK Radio, a little 500-watt radio station in Newark, New York.  His next attempt at media ownership was radio station WXYJ... and, TV station WNYP -- Channel 26 -- in Jamestown.  Paxson later owned a small AM radio station in Clearwater, Florida... where in 1977... an advertiser ran out of advertising money to sell 112 can openers.  Paxson instructed a mid-day talk-show host to sell themm live over the airwaves, and both were stunned at the audience response.  All the can openers were purchased within the hour.  It was the start of the Suncoast International Bargainers Club... a fore-runner of the Home Shopping Network.

News Update for Tues., Jan 13, 2014

City police catch husband and wife for allegedly making Meth in westside home...

An on-going investigation into an alleged Methamphetime Lab on Jamestown's westside has led to the arrest of a husband and wife team.  City Police Chief Harry Snellings says the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force, and State Police C-NET Team received some resident tips... and, developed information over the past couple of months... and, obtained a search warrant for the residence at 17 Catlin Ave.  Snellings says it was an "extremely challenging" investigation... partly because the most of the makers are actual users of the drug... and, selling what extra they make.  He says police were conducting surveillance on the house just before the raid took place at 3:30 p.m.  He says they were able to catch one of the suspects, 47 year-old Christopher Maini, during a traffic stop.  He adds Maini's wife... 45 year-old Tammy... was later found at a different location.  Snellings says they found the materials used to make "meth..." and, a "one-pot" lab in the garage.  He says they were arraigned on one count each of Felony unlawful manufacture of Methamphetime... and, one count of seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance.  Both are in the county jail without bail.

Mayville woman sought for manufacturing "Meth" found in Brocton...

A Mayville woman wanted for allegedly being involved in operating an illegal Methamphetime Lab at her Pratt Street apartment has been arrested in Brocton.  Agents with the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force say they found 27 year-old Sara Lee Tolbert at a Highland Ave. home in Borcton late Monday afternoon.  Task Force members say they obtained a warrant for Tolbert's arrest after seeing her discarding items... believed to be used in making "Meth..." from her residence.  Police raided her apartment back on Dec. 30, and, found the components and chemicals used to make Methamphetime.  Task Force agents say Tolbert was arrested without incident... and, arraigned in Chautauqua Town Court on one count of Felony third-degree unlawful manufacture of Methamphetime.  She was sent to the county jail without bail.

Coldest air of the Winter Season expected in Jamestown-area overnight tonight...

Get ready for the coldest night of the season... with temperatures expected to fall below zero in many locations away from Lake Erie overnight tonight.  Meteorologist Bill Hibbert with the National Weather Service in Buffalo says another cold air mass from Canada is the reason behind the predicted, sub-zero cold.  Hibbert says the cold air is moving in from an area of high pressure in the Canada prairie provinces that will move into the area overnight tonight.  While it could stay in the single digits along the lake shore... temperatures will plunge quickly as you go inland.  Hibbert says some readings could be as low as minus-10 in some rural areas of the county.  However... he says the bone-chilling cold won't last very long.


News Update for Mon., Jan. 12, 2014

Upstate weather again snowy today, 3 to 4 inches in immediate Jamestown-area...

Forecasters say parts of upstate New York can expect a few more inches of snow to top off the 2 to 4-plus feet of snow that piled up in northern New York from the most recent lake-effect storms.  Here in the Jamestown-area... the region received about 3 to 4 inches of slippery, new snow overnight on top of what fell late last week.  The National Weather Service says 2 to 4 inches of snow is expected Monday in sections of Jefferson and Lewis counties, where storms that began last week continued into Saturday night before letting up.

Peek 'n Peak's 50th anniversary season fully underway near Findley Lake...

Our Winter storm that hit most of Western New York last last week and part of the weekend was welcome news for local ski resorts.  At the Peek 'n Peak Resort just south of Findley Lake... they received well over a foot of snow over the past several days... and, have a nice base now for their 50th anniversary season.  Director of Mountain Operations, Brad Gravink, says the season had been "up and down" up to that point.  After getting off to a strong start... unseasonably warm weather hurt them over the holiday season.  Gravink says the frigid cold kept a lot of skiiers away late last week... but, yesterday was perfect.  Gravink says they got about 18 inches of new snow over the week, and the temperatures reached 28 degrees Sunday.  He says they opened their tubing hill late last week... along with their "360 Park."   He adds they hope -- with the seasonal weather -- to finish snow-making operations this week.  Gravink says their 50th season celebration kicks into high gear next month.  He says they're open Mondays through Thursdays from 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., 9:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Fridays... and, 8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.  For more information... got on-line to

Mega Millions winner introduced in Middletown, NY...

An 80-year-old retired school principal is the sole winner of the $326-million Mega Millions jackpot from last Nov. 4th... the biggest prize in New York Lottery history.  Harold Diamond of the Sullivan County town of Wurtsboro says he bought the ticket at a highway service center where he had stopped at his wife Carol's insistence to wait out a storm on Election Day.  The New York Lottery's Yolanda Vega presented a giant ceremonial check to Diamond on Monday.  He has chosen to take the cash value of the annuitized prize, which comes to about $130-million after taxes.  Diamond says he plans to use the money to help family and give back to the local community.

WJTN News Headlines

Two north county men have been arrested for allegedly stealing a number of tools from a garage in the village of Brocton early yesterday morning.  Sheriff's officers were called to the scene at 29 Smith Street about 2:15 AM... and, quickly got a description of a possible suspect vehicle... and, relayed it to other local police agencies.  Deputies say they found a majority of the tools taken nearby... hidden in some bushes.  A short time after the information was broadcast... both Dunkirk and Fredonia Police found similar vehicles.  After an investigation both 24 year-old Joseph Ameno of Brocton... and, 41 year-old Hector Gonzalez, Junior of Dunkirk were taken in custody by sheriff's officers after they were located by Dunkirk Police.  Both Ameno and Gonzalez were arraigned in Brocton Village Court on third-degre burglary charges... and, Ameno was sent to the County Jail on 5-thousand dollars cash bail.  Gonzalez was jailed without bail due to past convictions.  Officers say the investigation is continuing... and, futher charges are pending.


State lawmakers are returning to Albany for their first day of work today since formally starting their 2015 session.  The Assembly and Senate are scheduled to meet for two days this week.  Today... teachers unions and public education advocates plan to rally at the Capitol in opposition to efforts to increase the number of charter schools in New York City.  On Tuesday... lawmakers in the Assembly will hold a hearing on a long-shot bill to create a single-payer health system in the state.


The mayor of Jamestown is again calling on state lawmakers to make mandate relief a key part of the 2015 state legislative session.  However... Mayor Sam Teresi isn't the only local government leader who wants to see such relief... and, the cutting of regulations.  Teresi says if state lawmakers and Governor Cuomo would provide some significant relief... it would allow local governments to truly cuts their costs... and, thus reduce property taxes.  Right now... he says their "hands are tied..." Teresi says local government leaders appreciate the few steps that have been taken by state leaders... including a new, Tier-Six Pension schedule.  However... savings from the added tier aren't expected to be seen for several years yet.  Meantime... county leaders have said that the state has to reform they way Medicaid is paid for.  Currently... the federal government pays 50-percent of the cost... while New York state picks up 25-percent of the cost... and, the counties have to pick-up the remaining 25-percent.   Teresi made his comments for last weekend's "Community Spotlight" program.


After battles in Albany over access to results of teacher evaluations, the group given the right to see them -- parents -- appear to be showing little interest.  The A-P made inqueries to districts around the state... and, those reveal that few, if any, parents have asked for their child's teacher's rating since New York began requiring teachers to be classified yearly.  Syracuse, Rochester, Batavia, Amherst and Amagansett are among those reporting no requests.  Parents say they either didn't know they could get scores or judge teachers based on criteria such as conferences and other parents' experiences.


The first Saturday garbage collection by the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities following a week with a holiday in it went as well as could be expected.  That from BPU General Manager Dave Leathers... who says some residents aparently didn't hear about the fact their garbage was being collected on a Saturday until after the weekend of January 3rd and 4th.  Leathers says they weren't surprised that happened... and, they believe the problems will ultimately take care of themselves. In the past... the BPU would have picked up both the Thursday and Friday trash and recycleables on that Friday.  However... Leathers says that will not be the case anymore.  He says the change was mainly due to employee safety because they were previously were "doubling up" on collections previously.  Leathers says the added Saturday was not a major consideration in the new contract talks with BPU Solid Waste Division employees.  Both sides recently agreed to a new, four-year contract with those workers.  Leathers says the next time they do this will be the week of Memorial Day.


Governor Cuomo has appointed Bill Mulrow, an investment banker who has held several state and federal political positions, to succeed Larry Schwartz as his top aide.  The appointment was one of 18 announced by Cuomo on Sunday.  Others include Mary Beth Labate as budget director and Beth DeFalco, former political reporter for the New York Post and Associated Press, as communications director for transportation.  Mulrow was most recently senior managing director at the Blackstone Group and was Cuomo's appointee as chairman of the state Housing Finance Agency.


Cassdaga Valley Senior Heather Dorler has been named 'Distinguished Young Woman of New York State' for 2015.  She won the title Saturday night in Albany...  and called it 'literally... actually... mind blowing.'  Heather won Ditinguished Young Woman of the Lakewood Area last fall, and competed against 10 other young women for the state title.  She said she was rooting for the other girls more than herself at times.. and 'not putting herself first' may have actually helped her win in Albany.  Heather adds, 'there are a lot more scholarships' available to her now, but the exact amount was not known Saturday night.  Heather Dorler is the daughter of Amy Jo and Wayne Dorler.  She will compete in the national Distinguished Young Women program in Mobile, Alabama in June. 


U.S. Senator Charles Schumer is urging the Food and Drug Administration to implement a plan to address recent reports of rat-infested warehouses that supply food to restaurants.  Schumer said Sunday that the FDA sent warning letters to 90 food facilities across the country in 2014, citing unsanitary conditions such as insects, rodent feces and dead rats and mice.  He's calling on FDA to increase the regularity of inspections, increase fines for violations, and create an easily searchable database for restaurants and consumers to see which food processing and storage facilities have poor sanitation records.  Schumer says retail food vendors should have a clear way of knowing if the products they are buying are from a facility with known violations cited by the FDA.


A Clarendon, Pennsylvania teenager is jailed on 25-thousand dollars bail for allegedly trespassing after being told to leave a home in Mead Township a week ago last Friday.  State Police in Warren say 18 year-old Aaron Arena turned himself into troopers late this past week on a warrant for his arrest.  Arena is accused of entering a home on January 2nd... and, refusing to leave.  Police say the 47 year-old victim locked herself, and her children in a bedroom after Arena refused to leave.  However... he fled the home just before troopers arrived.  He's charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.

News Update for Fri., Jan. 9, 2014

Lake Effect Snow Warning remains in effect for Chautauqua Co. -- mainly no. county -- through 1 p.m. Saturday...
It appears the immediate Jamestown-area has missed the worst of the big Lake Effect Snowfall from a storm system that's been hitting western New York over the past couple of days.  That from Forecaster John Hitchcock with the National Weather Service in Buffalo... who says the North County was getting hit hard with Lake Effect last night.  Hitchcock says the heaviest snow was being seen in the town of Hanover... into Perrysburg.  Hitchcock says about 3-inches per hour were falling in Forestville.  There was also a report of about 16-inches of snow in Perrysburg since the storm began.  That's on top of what's already fallen in those areas.  The Lake Erie shoreline... and, western parts of Chautauqua County were hit hardest early yesterday morning.  The lake effect snows left about 2 to 3 inches of new snow in the Jamestown-area later in the morning.

Several minor accidents reported around the county due to snow-slicked roads Friday...
A few accidents were reported yesterday... but, no serious injuries were reported.  Jamestown police report a couple of fender-bender type crashes in the slippery conditions Friday afternoon.  We also have a report of a two-car accident at the intersection of Hunt Road and Avalon Boulevard in West Ellicott about 3 p.m.  However... no injuries were reported from that accident.  County-wide... dispatchers say they have reports of several cars off the road.

Supporters of minimum wage boost for tipped workers ask Cuomo to intervene...
Supporters of a pay increase for restaurant servers want Governor Andrew Cuomo to overrule a state board opposed to giving tipped workers the standard minimum wage.  Groups including the Hunger Action Network called on the governor Friday to require servers, hotel housekeepers and busboys to make the $8.75 minimum wage that applies to all other workers.  Currently... state law allows restaurants and hotels to pay tipped workers a lower wage of about $5 as long as tips make up the difference.  On Thursday... a state Wage Board studying the tipped wage defeated a proposal to raise it to match the minimum wage.  Instead, the board plans to consider a proposal to increase it to $7 an hour.  Cuomo's labor commissioner will make a final decision this winter.

Reed in majority in Congress voting to authorize construction of Keystone-XL pipeline...
Local Congressman Tom Reed was among the majority of members of the House of Representatives that voted Friday to authorize construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline despite a veto threat from the White House.  The bill passed in a bi-partisan, 266-to-153 vote.  It was the tenth vote the House had taken since July of 2011 to advance the $7-billion project, which would carry oil from Canada to Gulf Coast refineries.  Reed calls the bill a "win for all Americans."  The Co-Chairman of the House Manufacturing Caucus says the pipeline "not only creates countless infrastructure construction jobs, but it will also lower energy costs and put us another step closer to reducing our dependence on Middle East crude."  A test vote is set for next Monday in the Senate... but, it should have enough votes for passage.  If approved there... the bill would have to be signed by President Obama.

Casino board to consider Cuomo's request for fourth casino in So. Tier...
The board tasked with picking locations for casinos in upstate New York will consider Governor Andrew Cuomo's request to reopen the bidding process for a license in the Southern Tier.  The Gaming Facility Location board last month approved three casinos, with one each in the Catskills, the Finger Lakes and Schenectady.  The board withheld a fourth license and rejected two Southern Tier proposals.  After leaders in the struggling area along the Pennsylvania border complained... Cuomo asked the board to reconsider.  On Friday... board Chairman Kevin Law defended the board's decision, saying it would have been inappropriate to recommend either of the two Southern Tier proposals.  Still, he says new applicants may step forward if bidding is reopened and that the board will ``entertain'' Cuomo's request.  The board meets next Tuesday.

News Update for Thurs., Jan. 8, 2014

New Lake Effect Snow Warning issued from late tonight through Saturday afternoon...

Another round of lake effect snow will be hitting the area Friday... and, could dump up to two feet of snow over portions of Chautauqua and Cattaraugus counties.  The National Weather Service is continuing a Lake Effect Snow Warning from 10 this evening, until 1 p.m. Saturday for both counties.  Forecaster Dave Thomas in Buffalo says a general snow will move into the area tonight.  Thomas says expect a couple of inches of snow.  He says Lake Effect bands will then develop... and, begin dropping into Chautauqua County early Friday.  One to two feet of snow is possible along the Chautauqua Ridge... and, Northern portions of the counties.

Slippery conditions trigger accidents, and cars off the road today...

There have been a handful of minor traffic accidents due to slippery roads accentuated by our bitterly cold temperatures and blowing snow.  The Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office reports a tractor-trailer jacknifed on Interstate 86 in the town of Sherman late this morning... and, left westbound lanes between Sherman and Findley Lake were closed for about 1 1/2 hours.  Deputies say a few cars went of the road due to the accident.  In addition... we've had reports of several cars off the road today across Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Counties.  No injuries have been reported... but, police are advising motorists to drive with extreme caution.

City man arrested for allegedly trying to rob Rite Aid store in Brooklyn Square...

A Jamestown man has been arrested for allegedly trying to rob a downtown pharmacy and convenience store late last night.  City police were called to the Rite Aid store at 50 South Main St. shortly after 11 p.m. on a reports of an attempted robbery.  JPD Captain Harry Snellings says store personnel tell them a man entered the store with what appeared to be a gun... but, he then fled the scene in an unknown direction with no money.  JPD K-9 Mitchell was brought to the scene... and, tracked the suspect -- identified as 31 year-old Timothy Thomas -- to a location at 207 Spring Street.  City police, along with Sheriff's officers, and Lakewood-Busti Police, were able to arrest Thomas... who is charged with first-degree robbery, second-degree menacing, and criminal use of a firearm.  He's being held pending arraignment.


News/information Update for Wed., Jan. 7, 2014

"Pink the Rink" still going on, without Pittsburgh Jr. Team... (from Jamestown Savings Bank Arena)

A little snow can't stop Pink the Rink! Due to the weather, Pittsburgh will not be making the trip to play, but  join us at the JSBA tonight at 7 p.m. as your Southern Tier Xpress face-off against local celebrity players in a fundraiser for breast cancer! There will be a Chinese Auction and 50/50 Raffle to benefit the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Wear your pink and get on board for breast cancer awareness!?

WJTN News Headlines

The city of Jamestown is looking to borrow 3-million dollars for what officials call several "necessary" capital equipment purchases... and, projects.  Public Works Director Jeff Lehman and City Comptroller Joe Bellitto laid out the proposal at last night's city council work session.  Lehman says seven trucks and an excavator made the final list from an original 4 to 5-million dollars.  He says three are "wheel loaders..." which he says are very "important" pieces of equipment. Lehman adds the trucks they would be replacing are 10 to 15 years old... and, have fallen into disrepair.  He also laid out a storm water drainage project for a troubled area on the city's westside... leak repairs to the deck on Tracy Plaza... and, 'trapping coating' for the Cherry and Spring Street Parking Ramps.  Mayor Sam Teresi adds that some of the building projects... which includes new roofing on 10 to 12 city building... will provide some long-term savings through energy efficiency.  Joe Bellitto says they're looking at a 20-year bond payment of about 275-thousand dollars a year.


Cold, polar air has pushed into the Jamestown-area... and, dropped temperatures into the teens by yesterday morning.  The National Weather Service is continuing a Lake Effect Snow Advisory until 10 AM today... and, a Lake Effect Snow Watch is in effect from tonight through Wednesday morning.  That from Forecaster Jeff Wood with the National Weather Service... who says we saw strong winds in advance of the first of two cold fronts that move in late Sunday... the second of which brought the sharply colder temperatures... and, strong winds. Wood says the strong winds continued through the day Monday... and, caused blowing and drifting snow in many areas.  Generally... between 4 and 6 inches of the white stuff fell in the area by last night.  Wood says we could see another 3 to 5 inches during the day today.  There is also diminished visability in those area of blowing and drifting snow.  Wood says we'll be in this general pattern through next weekend -- possibily into early next week.  No serious problems were reported on the roads yesterday morning in the Jamestown-area.


The Democratic leader of New York's state Senate and the head of a breakaway faction of Democrats are criticizing each other over their continuing rift.  Despite earlier promises to work with traditional Democrats... the five-member Independent Democratic Conference is expected to again align itself with Senate Republicans during the legislative session... which begins Wednesday.  Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins says Monday that the Independent Democrats' decision was ``disappointing'' and would allow Republicans to block Democratic priorities.  In response... Senator Jeff Klein, leader of the breakaway Democrats, says Stewart-Cousins is ``in no position to pass judgment'' since Democrats failed to win a Senate majority.  Klein said last summer that his group would work with Democrats this year... but, reversed course after Republicans won a clear Senate majority in the fall elections.


The 114th Congress gavels into session today... and, lawmakers will consider a new rule that opposes any raiding of Social Security Administration funds to fail out the disability fund.  That from local Congressman Tom Reed... who is a member of the Social Security Subcommittee that's looking at ways to prevent Social Security Disability from going bankrupt in 2016.  Reed says there are indications the White House wants to take money from the general fund to support disability... and, the Corning Republican says that's taking away money from seniors and other retirees. Reed supports reforms to the Social Security Disabililty fund... including tougher enforcement of the rules... and, weeding out fraud and abuse.  He says millions of dollars have been found that way in New York state alone.  Reed also says he want to work in a bi-partisan way to preserve the S-S-D program.  He says raiding the fund "isn't the answer."  Reed says, right now, it's predicted that the Social Security trust fund will become insolvent by 2033.  He made his comments during his weekly telephone conference call with Southern Tier Media.


Jury selection has begun in a new corruption trial for former state Senator Malcolm Smith... and, a new charge of witness tampering has been lodged against his co-defendant.  Prosecutors say former Queens Republican leader Vincent Tabone tried to convince a witness not to testify when he and Smith were on trial last year.  That proceeding ended in a mistrial.  The two men are accused of scheming to bribe Republican leaders so Smith, a Democrat, could run for New York City mayor on the GOP line.


In Girls HS Basketball:


Jenna Einink scored 23, Courtney Hewes had 22 points and Chautauqua Lake defeated Southwestern 61-50.

Randolph edged Allegany Limestone 46-43.




In Boys HS Basketball:

Sherman remains undefeated as they beat Frewsburg 54-48.

Maple Grove defeated Brocton 40-31.

It was Panama over Clymer 59-24.

**We've got High School Basketball on the air tonight at 1240AM WJTN as Jamestown takes on Williamsville North.  Coverage begins at 7:30pm.



WJTN News Headlines

No one was seriously hurt due to a number of weather-related accidents in the Jamestown area late last Saturday morning.  Most were fender-bender type crashes... especially in the city where freezing rain was a big issue for a few hours.  There were also a couple of roll-over accidents.  One occured on the Bemus-Ellery Road in the town of Ellery just after 10 AM.  Sheriff's officers say 28 year-old Cody Jacobson was westbound when he lost control of his vehicle on Black Ice.  Deputies say Jacobson's vehicle left the northside of the roadway... entered a small ditch... and, struck the end of a driveway pipe before rolling onto it's roof.  Jacobson was not injured... and, no charges were filed.  Officers say the Bemus-Ellery Road was closed until the vehicle was removed.


Winter returned during the overnight hours... after temperatures reached the mid-50s yesterday.  The warm-up also brought some rain... and, with temperatures dropped through the overnight... and, snow in the region... there are likely some slick-spots this morning.  A Lake Effect Snow Advisory is in effect... and, driving caution is advised.


The leadership of the Chautauqua County Legislature for the past year will remain intact for 2015.  Legislature Chairman Jay Gould was elected unanimously at last Friday's reorganizational meeting to lead the panel for the fourth-straight year.  Gould says he's excited to have the leadership team remaining in place for the new year... because he's recognizes that there are several challenges facing lawmakers this year. Gould says a bi-partisan... eight-member panel will begin looking for ways to deal with that 6-million dollar "structural deficit" in the new year.  However... he feels "very confident" in the legislature's leadership... which will remain intact from top to bottom.  Personally... Gould says he looks forward to moving ahead on dealing with the phospherous issue in Chautauqua Lake.  That includes a long-term goal of providing sewer services to ALL entities on the lake.  Gould says that'll take more than a year.  In addition to Gould... GOP Majority Leader David Himelein... and, Democratic Minority Leader Keith Ahlstrom were also re-elected to their positions Friday. The oath of office was also given to new legislators Elisabeth Rankin and Paul Whitford of Jamestown.  Whitford is a Democrat... Rankin, a Republican.


A Panama woman has been arrested following a vehicle stop in the town of North Harmony for allegedly being found in possession of several drugs -- including Methamphetime -- that were package for sale.  Sheriff's officers say they pulled over the driver... 28 year-old Brian Olsen of Busti... for an alleged traffic infraction on Route 394 early last weekend.  Deputies found Olsen had a suspended license... and, had no vehicle registration.  They also found his passenger... 33 year-old Melissa Ecker... trying to hide contraband.  Further investigation showed that she was in possession of packaged Meth... hash... and, prescription pills.  Agents with the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force were called in... and, Ecker was arrested on several charges... including fifth-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance... and, unlawful possession of marijuana.  She was arraigned... and, sent to the county jail on 35-thousand dollars cash bail.  Officers say Olsen faces charges... including aggravated unlicensed operation... and, driving with a suspended registration.  He was issued citations, and released.


A city man is jailed without bail for allegedly demanded money from an employee of a tattoo shop just south of Jamestown..  However, when the worker didn’t comply... he allegedly stole a mug.  State Police in Jamestown say 26 year-old William Michishima is accused of trying to rob the "Something Beautiful Tattoo and Piercing Shop" on Foote Avenue in Kiantone.   Troopers say Michishima entered the business and demanded money before taking a coffee mug from a display shelf.  The suspect was later located by police, who said he admitted to the incident.  Michishima was arraigned on third-degree attempted robbery, and petty larceny charges and sent to the county lock-up.


Late Governor Mario Cuomo's number-two man for eight of his 12 years in office says he's "very sad" to hear of Cuomo's passing.  Former Lieutenant Governor... Congressman... and, Jamestown Mayor Stan Lundine says he and Cuomo first became aquainted when Lundine was mayor... and, Cuomo was New York's Secretary of State.  Lundine says it's hard to believe Cuomo has passed because had so much "vitality" when he served in public office.  That vitality was first spotted nationally in 1984 when Cuomo delivered the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention.  While he may have considered running for president... Lundine says he never pulled the trigger.  He believes the main reason in 1992 is because Cuomo felt he should be focusing on the state's budget problems, instead of running for the highest office in the United States.  The Cuomo-Lundine team was defeated in 1993 by a then, little known Westchester County lawmaker named George Pataki.


With former Governor Mario Cuomo's death, liberals have lost one of their loudest champions, a proud progressive who represented an older Democratic Party.  In his three terms... Cuomo became a leading critic of President Ronald Reagan and used his rhetorical gifts to champion the working class.  It's a legacy reflected by liberals including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.  Cuomo died last Thursday at age 82.


Governor Cuomo has postponed his state-of-the-state address for two weeks until January 21st at the Empire State Convention Center in Albany.  Officials announced the changed date late Friday.  The annual address describing initiatives for the coming year was scheduled for Wednesday.  Cuomo's father, former Governor Mario Cuomo, died last Thursday evening.  Calling hours are scheduled Monday with private funeral services Tuesday in Manhattan.


The annual battle over education spending in New York is taking shape, with divvying up the state's $5 billion windfall from bank settlements among the issues to watch.  New York spent about 22-billion dollars on education last year, about one-billion more than the year before.  Advocates are looking for $2 billion more in the budget Governor Andrew Cuomo will propose later this month... including a share of the surplus.


Organizers of Pennsylvania Democratic Governor-elect Tom Wolf's inauguration say the celebration will be comparable to those of other recent governors.  And... like past inaugurals, the January 20th events will likely take on their own character.  For example... Republican Tom Ridge celebrated his re-election in 1999 with two days of festivities, including a flyover by Pennsylvania National Guard jets, a concert by 1960s recording stars and a lavish inaugural ball in Hershey.  Ridge's term was interrupted when President George W. Bush tapped him as the nation's first homeland security director following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  Ridge's successor, Mark Schweiker, limited his inauguration to a swearing-in ceremony on the Capitol steps.  Instead of an inaugural ball... he held a private dinner reception for friends and relatives.


Local Authorities are asking people to not travel if they don't have to because road conditions have
turned very icy after this mornings rain and cold temperatures in the greater Jamestown area and chautauqua county.  There have been a number of accidents reported across the region. Salt trucks are out and they ask travelers to be patient.  ue to the icy road conditions across the greater Jamestown region this morning.

News Update for Fri., Jan. 2, 2014

City man jailed, another being treated for serious stab wounds following altercation on Jamestown's eastside...

A city man is jailed without bail after allegedly stabbing another man several times on Jamestown's eastside just after 12 a.m. Friday.  City police say 24 year old Randy Yanik, Jr. stabbed an unidentified man numerous times on the porch of 408 Falconer St. before running off.  Yanik was hiding in some brush behind a business on East 2nd Street when he was tracked down by a JPD K-9 unit.  He was taken into custody without incident... and, arraigned on one count of first-degree assault.  Yanik is in the county jail.  JPD Lt. Paul Abbott says the victim was taken to UPMC Hamot in Erie, PA for treatment of his wounds.  The man is now in serious condition.  Abbott says apparently the two men had gotten into an argument that escalated into a fight... then stabbing.

County Democratic Committee Chair says late Gov. Mario Cuomo was a "great governor," and orator...

The late Mario Cuomo is being remembered as the "last liberal giant..." and, a "great governor" for New York State.  The latter is the feeling of Chautauqua County Democratic Committee Chairman, Norm Green.  Green today says local Democrats are mourning the loss of current Governor Andrew Cuomo's father... who died of natural causes Thursday at the age of 82.  Green says Cuomo had the ability to speak "eloquently" for the Middle Class... and, the downtrodden in New York.  He says we often have a tough time putting words to difficult problems, but, Cuomo seemed able to do that.  Green adds that Cuomo was a rising star in the Democrat Party on the national scene, also.  He gave the keynote Speech at the 1984 Democratic National Convention... and, was actually courted to run for President twice.  Green says he was ready to fly to New Hampshire to sign the papers to be on the ballot there... but, ultimately decided against it.  Jamestown Democrat Stan Lundine... who was Lieutenant Governor at the time... would have become governor if that had happened.

BPU puts new Holiday Schedule in place for garbage pick-up in 2015...

If you live in Jamestown... and, your garbage is normally collected on Friday... it will be picked by Board of Public Utilities crews tomorrow.  That's right.  The BPU says the Solid Waste Division will be picking up garbage for residents whose normal pick-up is Friday tomorrow for the first time ever.  That's because the New Year's holiday fell on a Thursday.  BPU General Manager Dave Leathers adds that, from now on, they will continue picking up trash and recycleables the day after that holiday.  However... he says people who normally have their pick-up done on Friday will have it done on Saturday.  Leathers says details of the change are noted on the BPU's 2015 Recylcing Calendar... and, questions may be addressed by calling the BPU Garbage Hotline at 661-1651.

Winter Flu "prevalent" in Chautauqua County night now... 
Surveillance Data Shows the number of positive tests for the flu have doubled over the past week in Chautauqua County.  That from the county's director of Health and Human Services, Christine Schuyler... who says the number of lab cases in New York State for the week ending Dec. 27 were up to 3,922.  That's a 90-percent increase from the previous week.  Schuyler says hospitalizations related to influenza have increased by about 139-percent... and, there has been one flu-related pediatric death reported this season.  To stay healthy... Schuyler urges residents to wash their hands frequently so that any illness is not spread from one person to another.  She says you should especially do so after using the toilet or changing diapers.  When sneezing or coughing, Schulyer says be sure to turn away from others... and, use a tissue to cover your mouth or nose and sneeze into the crook or your arm, rather than into your hands.  Finally... she says get a flu shot.  She adds it's never too late to get vaccinated because the flu season can last as late as May due to variations in the timing and duration of the season.


WJTN News Headlines

Former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo is being remembered as a man of unwavering principle. The three-term governor died yesterday of heart failure at age 82, just hours after his son Andrew was sworn in to a second term as New York's governor. President Barack Obama calls Mario Cuomo ``a determined champion of progressive values, and an unflinching voice for tolerance, inclusiveness, fairness, dignity, and opportunity.''


Democrat Andrew Cuomo kicked off his second term as New York's governor by saying he was doing so ``at a uniquely New York moment'' when some things seem at their worst.  Speaking at the World Trade Center, Cuomo said he was fine with that because New York is at its best when things are at their worst.  He promised that whether it's economic and racial equality... or the quest for better education... New York will lead the nation by example.  The speech he delivered Thursday afternoon was followed by remarks in Buffalo.


A Jamestown man is behind bars after allegedly stabbing another man numerous times on Falconer Street just after 12 o'clock this morning. Police say 24 year old Randy Yanik Junior stabbed an unidentified male numerous times on the porch of 408 Falconer Street before fleeing the scene.  Yanik was hiding in some brush behind a business on East 2nd Street when he was tracked down by JPD K9 Mitchell.  He was taken into custody without incident and transported to the city jail where is he is being held pending arraignment.   Yanik is charged with assault in the 1st degree.


Chautauqua County Lawmakers are set to begin the new year with their reorganizational meeting this afternoon in Mayville.  Ashville Republican Jay Gould is expected to again be tapped as legislature chairman.  He's been named by the GOP Majority to head up the panel again.  Gould says he feels the panel had two significant accomplishments in 2014... the biggest being sale of the County Home in Dunkirk.  As for 2015... Gould says the budget will be another big issue... along with jail overcrowding.  He says that 6-million dollar "structural deficit" is a major problem that County Executive Vince Horrigan is trying to address with a special panel... but, will likely involve some program cuts.  Also at today's meeting... Clymer-area Republican David Himelein is expected to be named Majority Leader again... while Dunkirk Democrat Keith Ahlstrom will again be Minority Leader.  The meeting begins at 4 PM in Legislature Chambers.


Lower gasoline prices across the U-S have helped to keep the U-S, New York state... and, local economies moving in the right direction.  Those are the feelings of state Labor Department Analyst John Slenker... who says Chautauqua County's jobless rate this past November was the best since 2008.  The unemployment rate ticked up from 6.1-percent in October to 6.3-percent in November.  Slenker says the number of people working dropped by 100 over the month.  However... he says the change was almost negligible.  The county is still very dependent on manufacturing... which Slenker says held steady in November.  He says falling gas prices played a big role. However... Slenker adds there will likely be more manufacturing job losses in December with the closing of both Carriage House facilities in Dunkirk and Fredonia.  At total of 450 people were losing jobs there during the final quarter of the year.  Slenker also says there are "seasonal factors" that also play a role in the jobless rate.  An early Winter gives an early boost to the ski and snowmobile seasons.


Restaurants and commercial buildings statewide will be required starting next June to install and maintain carbon monoxide detectors.  The two laws signed this week apply to New York City... and, the rest of the state.  Sponsors say they are intended to extend the requirement for the detectors already in place for apartments and one- and two-family homes.  They noted that a carbon monoxide leak from a malfunctioning water heater pipe recently killed a Long Island restaurant manager and sickened nearly 30 people.  The colorless, odorless gas comes from incomplete combustion. Milder symptoms from inhaling it include dizziness, headaches and confusion.


Governor Cuomo has pardoned two men who completed prison sentences and turned their lives around but faced threats of deportation from the convictions.  Pardoned is 62-year-old Antonio Argibay, the proprietor of a New York City-based architecture firm.  Also pardoned was 33-year-old Alvaro Khalil Cumberbatch of Queens. Convicted in 2003 of robbery, the Guyana native is the married father of two, has earned bachelor's and master's degrees and works with prison re-entry organizations, including the Fortune Society.


New York's top education officials are weighing in on several volatile issues sure to be debated in the new year.  The state's Board of Regents and Education Department made numerous suggestions for lawmakers Wednesday, including allowing more charter schools... especially in New York City... and continuing mayoral control of schools there.


A new definition of child abuse and changes regarding who must report it are in effect in Pennsylvania.  Officials say they are part of the state's response to the Jerry Sandusky and clergy sex abuse scandals.  The set of laws that took effect Wednesday largely involve Pennsylvania's Child Protective Services Law.  The definition of child abuse no longer requires severe pain and serious impairment. Now, substantial pain constitutes the existence of abuse.  There's a wider definition of those who must report suspected abuse, and they must contact the state directly, not just a supervisor or someone designated to make such reports.  There are also steeper penalties for those who do not report suspected abuse.




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