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A North East, Pennsylvania man faces multiple charges -- including felony fleeing a police officer and Driving Under the Influence -- following an early moring vehicle pursuit.  

Chautauqua County Sheriff's Officers say they attempted to stop a vehicle speeding on Mann Road in the Town of Mina just after 2 AM today... however, the operator increased his speed and pursuit continued into the Town of Ripley and eventually west into Pennsylvania.  Deputies say Pennsylvania State Police and North East Police were notified to assist as the suspect continued toward the town... eventually stopping in a driveway on Side Hill Road.  The man reportedly fled on foot as additional officers arrived at the scene.  Deputies's K-9 Link was deployed on a scent to track the suspect... and, he was later found near an area of out buildings hiding in the upstairs area.  Identified as 27 year-old Brett Bisbee... he was taken into custody by P-A State Troopers without further incident.  Deputies say the Sheriff's Office will file charges in New York at a later date. 


The Jamestown City Council will vote next week on the 2020 budget totaling about $36.5-million that will include a slight tax rate decrease.

 That's because lawmakers have decided to apply a $150,000 in savings from the city's self-insurance plan to the budget...which was at Jamestown's constitutional taxing limit.  Council Finance Committee Chairman Tony Dolce says the reduction would put the city at just over 98-percent of the tax limit.

However... the budget's tax levy would still be up slightly from the current year.  Lawmakers also discussed the possibility of restoring some funding to the Prendergast Library... which is to receive $60,000 from the city next year.  That was brought up by Councilman Andrew Liuzzo... who said it would be a "good gesture."  Dolce said that would be a possibility... but, noted that Library Director Tina Scott said the only way to restore their state funding would be for the city to restore it's former share of $350,000.   Lawmakers will vote on the 2020 budget plan at next week's voting session.

The counting of absentee ballots is over... and Dunkirk Mayor Willie Rosas has been re-elected to a second term.

Rosa defeated Republican challenger Shaun Heenan 1660-to-1601.  Rosas says he is looking forward to serving the community for another four years.

Republican County Elections Commissioner Brian Abram says the election results should be certified later this week, possibly on Friday.

New York is taking a look at how its first experiment with early voting went.  The Democratic-led Legislature is holding a Wednesday hearing on the start of early voting in New York this month.  

New York introduced its new system in a quiet election year, ahead of the 2020 presidential contest.  New Yorkers raised concerns about costs, the roll-out of electronic voter rolls and the location of early voting sites.  The state Board of Elections has said over 256,000 people cast their ballots before Election Day between Oct. 26 and November 3rd under early voting.  It's unclear just what impact early voting had on turnout.  Some experts say early voting could be just another option for voters who otherwise would have turned out on Election Day.

A new program geared towards giving rural parts of the United States a fairer shot at getting federal funding for economic development and infrastructure projects is being proposed by New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

 Gillibrand was at Jamestown Community College Monday afternoon to announce that she is proposing the "Rebuild Rural America Act..." which would include $50-billion over 10 years in funding to boost rural projects.

Three regional officials were among those attending the press conference at the Weeks Reception Room at JCC... including Southern Tier West Regional Planning and Economic Development Board Executive Director Richard Zink... who praised the move.  Chautauqua County Deputy Executive for Economic Development, Mark Geise, says sometimes... rural communities just need some help developing their main streets, and update their community's zoning laws.  Gillibrand was introduced at the event by JCC President Daniel DeMarte.

A 20 year-old man is in custody for an alleged "Swatting" prank in which he reported a shooting incident in the town of Westfield that never occured... 

Sheriff's officers say they -- along with Westfield and State Police -- responded to a home on Pigeon Road last Saturday night on a report of an armed person being involved in a shooting.  However... once officers arrived... they learned that the subject in question was not there.  He was located at another location in the village of Westfield.  Police went there, and made contact with the subject who was alleged to have had the weapon.  Their investigation showed that there had been no shooting, and the subject was unarmed.  Further investigation showed that this may have been a "Swatting" prank.  No one was injured... and, no charges have been filed.  However... the investigation into the false report is on-going.

Two Jamestown residents face various charges following an emergency call hang-up investigation Saturday night.

 City Police responded to 11 Broadhead Avenue about 10 PM for an open 911 call with yelling in the background.  Investigation revealed a male at the home -- 29 year-old Marcus McAfee -- allegedly had an active arrest warrant out of the city police department.  Police say McAfee allegedly tried pulling away while being placed under arrest... and, his mother -- 46 year-old Carolyn Shinsky-Bush -- attempted to interfere with officers and was also charged with resisting arrest. McAfee was also reportedly found with a small quantity of methamphetamine.  Both were held pending arraignment. 

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