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Amish girl seriously hurt when commercial truck strikes hatch-back vehicle near Conewango...
An Amish girl is being treated at a Buffalo hospital for a serious leg injury after the car she was riding in near Conewango just after Noon today collided with a commericial truck.  State Police in Jamestown confirm the girl was riding with six other people in the hatch-back vehicle.. which was northbound on Route 83.  Troopers say it appears the truck hit the hatch-back from behind.  The 10 year-old girl was flown to Oshei Children's Hospital in Buffalo... while two other children in the vehicle were taken to Brooks Hospital in Dunkirk.  The driver of the truck was treated for a minor injury.  State police say traffic tickets are being issued... but, the investigation is continuing.

Borrello joined by D.A. Swanson, and police chiefs to call for repealing criminal justice reforms...
State Senator-Elect George Borrello is pushing for a special session of the State Legislature to consider repealing the criminal justice reforms that take effect next Jan. 1.  Borrello has the bi-partisan support of Chautauqua County District Attorney Patrick Swanson, County Sheriff Jim Quattrone and local police officials, who raised concerns about the reforms and the impact on public safety during a news conference today in Mayville.  Borrello says bail reform will wind up sending more criminals back on the streets because bail will no longer be allowed to be set for more than 400 criminal acts.  Swanson says he and many other D-As across the state are concerned about the lack of state funding when it comes to changes in discovery laws... condensing the time for mandatory sharing of evidence to 15-days.  Jamestown Police Chief Harry Snellings says the reforms will lead to many changes in the way drug investigations are carried out because information about informants will have to be shared.  Police Chiefs David Ortolano of Dunkirk and John Bentley of Lakewood-Busti also participated in the news conference, along with Assemblymen Andy Goodell and Joe Giglio.

Republicans across state also expressing outage at Bail Reforms...
Republicans and law enforcement authorities across New York are decrying the overhaul to the state's bail law that will go into effect at the beginning of next year.  Their comments on Thursday deepened the political battle surrounding the implementation of changes to the state's criminal justice system.  State Senator Sue Serino says lawmakers rushed to reform and "failed to consider the very real danger that these sweeping changes will have on communities."  The bail law that passed earlier this year is expected to lessen the number of people held in jail while awaiting trial. 

Chautauqua County Democratic Chairman admits reforms have serious flaws, calls for better work on dealing with cases involving the poor who commit non-violent crimes...
Republican's lack of willingness to try and work with State Legislature Democrats is what led to the liberal overreach of criminal justice reforms in Albany.  That from Chautauqua County Democratic Committee Chairman Norm Green... who agrees the reforms are "seriously flawed."  However... Green says the current system hurt the poor who commit non-violent and non-Felony crimes.  He says a person with no money had no way to get out of jail, and it has led to loss of jobs, and hurt families.  Green says one way to help the situation is to better fund the District Attorney's office to help provide both "speedy discovery, and speedy trials."  He says "poor people in Jamestown and Dunkirk particularly were arraigned and given a later court appearance date with bail for minor non-violent crimes."  He argues that bail "was high enough to ensure that non-violent criminals would cool their collective heals in the county jail because they didn't have the cash to make bail."

Reed on hand to cut ribbon on new Chautauqua Center in Jamestown...
Congressman Reed was on hand for the ribbon-cutting on the new Chautauqua Center in the city of Jamestown's medical corridor.  The Corning Republican was joined by other officials... including State Assemblyman Andy Goodell, and County Executive Geroge Borrello late Thursday afternoon.  Reed says the Center... located at 107 Institute Street... will improve the quaility of care in the Jamestown-area.  He says the center will be able to see 200 patients a day... and he believes that integrated care model will serve them well.  Officials say the center will help "area residents with primary care needs."  The center is federally-funded... and, officials say it wouldn't have been possible to open without federal and state grants.

Reed also visits Fredonia Place to talk with seniors...
Earlier in the day Thursday....  Congressman Reed spoke about the future of social security and Medicare with a group of seniors at Fredonia Place.  During the visit... Reed said he is inspired by the seniors, who have "a lot of wisdom," and are concerned about such programs as Medicare.  The Corning Republican says there are several issues that need attention in Washington, but he says the impeachment inquiry has been taking center stage.  While at Fredonia Place... Reed took a tour of the facility and met with the owners and staff. 


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