Matt Mueller

I’ve had an interest in music and radio since I can remember. My parents are licensed amateur radio operators and talk to people all over the world. That was really cool to me when I was younger. So I studied, took the test and passed! I've been a licensed amateur radio operator since 2007. K2MAT


I tuned into Fm radio all the time while growing up. The goofy shows and personalities always caught my attention. I’d record songs onto cassettes so I could play it back in my room and introduce them myself. Ha!


My friends and I started a band back in high school. We wanted to record our songs to show people, so we recorded on whatever cheap equipment we had at the time. It wasn't perfect, but it was A LOT of fun! I enjoyed it so much that I studied audio engineering and production at SUNY JCC for bands and voice overs. I started at Media One Group in 2013 as a part-time board operator and moved up the ladder to Production Manager and On-Air Personality. It's great to spend every day doing what I love at Media One!


You can tune me in Saturdays from 10-2pm on SE93!  Email Matt

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