Two Brocton men have been arrested for allegedly burglarizing the St. Stephen's Hotel in the village early yesterday morning.  Sheriff's Deputies were called to the scene at 2 West Main Street overnight... and, their investigation led to the arrests of 20 year-old Ricky Grant and 24 year-old Adam Neubauer... both of 7 West Main Street.  Officers say they also recovered several items from the St. Stephens.  Both Grant and Neubauer were arraigned on charges of third-degree burglary... criminal mischief... and, petty larceny.... and, sent to the County Jail on 15-thousand dollars bail each.  Deputies applied for a warrant on Ricky Grant... and, the warrant was filed as a detainer against Grant... who was already in the County Jail on unrelated charges.


It was Pay Equity Day across the United States Tuesday.  It's to commemorate the number of additional days women in the United States need to work to make what their male counterparts did through the end of 2013.  That from the president of the local chapter of the American Association of University Women... Maggie Irwin... who says -- on average -- women make about 77-cents for every dollar men earn. Irwin says they're encouraged by the status of legislation before Congress -- and, action taken during the Obama Administration to bring more pay equity.  The White House has been criticized because the ratio there is 88-cents for every dollar.  In New York... Irwin says women make 84-cents for every dollar a man makes.  Locally... Irwin says they're commemorating the day with a 20-percent off special for ladies at 5 local restaurants.  Cibo's (Chee-bos), Shawbucks Press Room, the Babaloo Cafe, and Labrynth Press were offering lunch specials... while dinner was avalable at that 20-percent off figure at the Landmark Restaurant.


The state Health Exchange says 1.26-million New Yorkers have completed applications for insurance while more than 900-thousand have enrolled for specific coverage.  The Department of Health says enrollment for individual and family coverage since October includes nearly 422-thousand New Yorkers in the 16 commercial and nonprofit insurers in the exchange... and, nearly 487-thousnad in government-funded Medicaid.  More than 70 percent were uninsured.


Sexual assault and domestic violence have permiated all segments of society... and, Chautauqua County's Congressman is standing up with fellow lawmakers to bring awareness to a new campaign to end it.  Corning Republican Tom Reed recently spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives in favor of legislation to encourage prevention... and, support of victims.  Reed's family knows all too well about that.  His niece was the victim of a rape just over a year ago. Reed says he's proud of his niece... and, the way she handled the adversity.  He says the national "No More" campaign says one-in-three women and one-and-four men will experience violence from their partners in their life-time.  Reed says he's joined with a Wisconsin Democrat Gwen Moore to co-sponsor the measure to recognize April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  He adds it's important in trying to "eradicate" sexual violence from our society that people "speak out" about it openly.  Reed made his comments during his weekly Conference Call with Southern Tier Media.


The city of Jamestown's 67th annual Easter Egg Hunt is set for a week from this Saturday... April 19th... at Allen Park.  City Parks and Recreation Coordinator Julia Ciesla-Hanley says the free event will take place in the Upper Level of the park where the playgrounds are located.  Ciesla-Hanley says they're excited about this year's event because with Easter being later this year... the weather should be better for an outdoor hunt.  Last year... she says it has to be moved into the old Allen Park Ice Rink. Ciesla-Hanley adds, though, that it's nice to have the old ice rink ready at a moment's notice if the weather becomes a problem.  She says there will be over 13-hundred eggs hidden in the Hunt area... along with more than 5-thousand pieces of wrapped candy.  Ciesla-Hanley says two Gold and two Silver Eggs will hidden in the park... and, the children finding those will receive first and second-prizes in the hunt in memoriam of Mark Hess of Hess Enterprises.  There will also be 30 other prize eggs... and, Ciesla Hanley says the Easter Bunny will arrive to help kick off the event at 10:30 AM.  Children ages 12 and under are invited to take part.


No one was hurt in a fire that destroyed a home just south of Clarendon, Pennsylvania last Sunday morning.  The Warren Times-Observer says Clarendon fire crews were called to the scene at 10379 Route 6 in Weldbank about 4 AM... and, found the house heavily engulfed in flames.  First Assistant Fire Chief Andy Jones says no one was home at the time of the blaze.  Jones adds two vehicles parked next to the home were also destroyed.  He says there was some heat damage to a neighboring home.  Clarendon was joined at the scene by Sheffield... Cherry Grove... Glade and Pleasant fire companies.  Firefighters returned to the scene to douse hot spots about 10:30 Sunday morning.


Pennsylvania transportation officials say the number of highway deaths in the state dropped to 12-hundred-8 last year.  PennDOT said Tuesday that represents the lowest figure since highway fatality records began to be collected in 1928.  Officials say there were declines over the previous year in the number of people who died not wearing seatbelts, the number of speed-related fatalities and the number of single-vehicle crashes in which the operator drove off the roadway.  Highway deaths in which a driver had been drinking fell from 377 in 2012 to 342 in 2013.  Deaths involving drivers over age 75, distracted drivers and head-on or opposite direction side swipe crashes all experienced increases last year.


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