(**New alert)Fentanyl found in Jamestown; police warn it may be being sustituted for heroin...

A powerful narcotic that's been substituted for heroin in drug-dealing... and, led to nearly two-dozen deaths recently in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area... had now been found in Jamestown.  City Police Chief Harry Snellings says they've just received results back on a powdery substance found during a drug bust at 520 Newland Avenue Tuesday morning.  Snellings says three people were arrested during the raid... including 33 year-old Jamie Condella of Frewsburg.  He says the City Police Nacotics Investigations Unit, and State Police C-NET Team found Condella in possession of a quantity of a powdery substance, packaged for individual sales.  Snellings says it failed tests for heroin... but, was further tested... and, came back today as Fentanyl.  He says the discovery of Fentanyl is a concern because it confirms what investigators have been hearing in recent days.  He says the drug is apparently being sold to people as Heroin.  Snellings says Fentanyl is abused because of it's "intense Euphoric effects" as a substitute for opiote-dependent persons.  But... he says it's much more powerful than Heroin... but, if used as heroin... can result in an overdose.

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