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Taglianetti's wife takes the stand to talk about her relationship with Reed; and anger shown by her ex-husband when he found out about their affair... 

There was drama in the courtroom Thursday afternoon as the star witness in the second-degree murder trial of Anthony Taglianetti took the stand in the Chautauqua County Courtroom.  A custodial e-mail expert from Google helped lay the ground-work before Taglianetti's wife took the stand.  Mary Taglianetti told the jury that while she and the late Keith Reed, Jr. had communicated several times via phone, e-amils and texts... they only had been together -- physically -- once for what she called a "date" in Albany.  She testified that her husband found out about the affair on August 6th of last year.  Mary Taglianetti says she e-mailed Reed on Aug. 20 to say she was sorry -- "you got messed up with a married girl."  Special Correspondant Dave O'Connor says Mary Taglianetti testified that her ex-husband then started sending threatening messages to Reed.  She says he then found out about Reed's career move to Clymer... and, left their Virginia home on Sept. 20, 2012 -- the day before the shooting.  He then returned the morning of Sept. 22.