(News Bulletin)National Comedy Center receives Shelley Berman Archives...

A Jamestown institution dedicated to the art of comedy has received the archive of modern stand-up comedian Shelley Berman. The National Comedy Center announced they received the gift from Shelley Berman's wife Sarah on Tuesday. The archive was collected and stored in Berman's office and contains photographs, scripts... and rare footage and audio of his work in stand-up... television and comedy-writing spanning from the 1940s to the 2010s. Also included in the archive are two of Berman's albums and the trademark stool... which he used on-tour during his routines. Executive Director of the National Comedy Center Journey Gunderson says the National Comedy Center is honored to be the institution to house Shelley's archive. The National Comedy Center is slated to open its doors during the 2018 Lucille Ball Comedy Festival in August.  We talk directly with Gunderson tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

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